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deviation in storage by MumblingIdiot
deviation in storage by MumblingIdiot
deviation in storage by MumblingIdiot
deviation in storage by MumblingIdiot


Creeping from the garage door
Solid smoke forms a thick cloak
An eerie figure the moon lets shine
In hues of grey, in shades of black
Will it stay, will it attack?
You just left home, it's on your back
It suits you well, but watch your track
Trails despair, trails fate
A scent of passion, ashes of hate
Red fire pours out of it
From inside the cloak where your body lies
Closing in and bursting out
Until nothing's left but a ghost
Smoke cloak
Would a smoke cloak be heavy or light? It seems quite a burden to carry.
What's going on here
A beast has unleashed
Full of love, lust, and longing
Where's it headed
Towards Dietrich
Inside the blood, commands the brain
And the heart / The beast of love
And the feelings / lust & longing
Eating your soul to make it better
----- Happier -----
Full of mercy --------- Open minded
--------- Not easily offended
Nobody understands the monster
Sorry, Dietrich.
A colorful downward spiral
Spinning around, around in the back
Of your mind
Of your mind
A new world of feelings unravel
And you're staying there, trapped in marvel
It's alright
You'll be alright

I'm packed with emotion
Full of devotion
My time is truly dedicated to passion
It's burning with pressure
And I'm seeking pleasure
You wouldn't stand a psychological crusher

And that's what you hear
Even though I'm not here
That's what you hear
But live with no fear

With his grinning teeth, comes the rival
Spreading disease in the spiral
In your mind
It's in your mind
He's spoiling my love, how could you understand?
Something I'm working on becomes completely bland
It isn't right
No, it's not right

He's packed with poison
Rotting in treason
He looks like me, am I that kind of person?
Looks like he's eager
To steal my pleasure
He's in me, the glorious fake is a treasure
The fake is a treasure
Fake treasure
Something I wrote back in November.
Cloudy night!
The lights in the sky
They are out of sight
It's just like they come right from the sea
The sea between you and me
It could be here
It could be there
It could be anywhere
But I can't see
The lights beneath the sea

Here we are on a trip
We're looking for a moon
The new one should be here
It's New Year's Eve soon
But deep in the darkness
We cannot help but feel lost
This dreadful thought process
Always comes at a cost

If you can gather all the strength in you
The energy will find its way through
So pick up your drill and show off your skill
Let's bury a hole to make the new world whole

Let the moon shine, let the moon shine
Spread its yellow colour, so divine
From the roots of a pine to the mountains it climbs
Let there be light, tonight!
New Year Moon
Basically, Moon comes from Earth.
No explanations needed.



En gros, la lune vient de la Terre.
Pas besoin d'explications.

_______Let me go home tonight_______
______I will write songs about stars
and their ==saddening fate==________


Une galaxie naît dans ses yeux
deux galaxies dans les leurs
des leurres qui se meurent, meurent, meurent
Un murmure qui défigure
ce mur remplit d'étoiles
Voile noir de vide et de lumière
Ce doux mélange de sombre et clair
Où sont tes mots, où ton cœur se perd
Encore un peu

Boum ! Explosion. (Sourde.)

Je sais que je suis heureuse
Je dévore ce ciel que mes dents creusent
J'habille le monde pour qu'il devienne mien
Me réveiller sereine dedans, tantôt, demain
Je vis
Encore un peu
Un peu mieux

Sans toi.

Et nulle part, à la fois.

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